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Jeffrey Goldman

Please join me at my office overlooking Cherry Creek.

Conveniently located just 9 blocks east of Colorado Boulevard on Cherry Creek Drive South,
my new space is located at
4900 Cherry Creek Dr. South, Ste. H
Denver CO, 80246

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A few years ago, a woman called to schedule an appointment with me. She asked if there was anything she should do before our first visit. I encouraged her to think about how she’d know when the therapy was over. “I thought you were supposed to tell me that,” she answered. At our final meeting she reminded me of this conversation and thanked me for putting her in charge, “right from the beginning.”

That’s what I do. Since 1980 I’ve been taught well by my clients. In short, I’ve learned that no one knows you better than you do, no one knows what works for you better than you do. “Then why do I need a therapist?” you might ask. Because, like my client quoted above, someone needs to ask you the questions you’re not asking. And more, someone needs to help you pay attention to your answers.

Therapists are frequently asked, “What are your specialties? What populations do you the have most expertise with?” I prefer to answer that my specialty is in helping people find solutions to whatever issue brings them to therapy. My training, experience and expertise allow me to use a method that is effective regardless of a client’s complaint — anything from parenting an acting out teenager to angry outbursts at work to a loss of intimacy with a spouse. Therapy is about change and a therapist’s expertise should be about that.

In addition to seeing clients in my office, I’ve published articles on “Taking Safety Home,” and have been featured on the CBS news program “48 Hours.” I have provided numerous workshops and trainings nationally to professionals interested in using a solution focused approach to help challenging couples and families.

I have been contracted by the Department Regulatory agencies to provide evaluations and assessments for behavioral health providers. I am also contracted by several Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) to provide Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISDs).

My clinical practice includes working with clients individually; providing supervision to colleagues in the psychotherapy profession; facilitating a men’s group; seeing many couples in conflict; and working well with men who’d rather have their teeth pulled by a therapist than talk to one.

Jeffrey Goldman demonstrates Solution Focused Psychotherapy on 48 Hours

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